House Numbers FAQs

Will my house number need cleaning?
Finished items will stay bright for a long period of time (unlike brass!) and will require only occasional cleaning with a proprietary metal polish to keep them in good condition. We recommend M3 stainless steel cleaner once every 1-2 years. General household cleaning products containing bleach should never be used on stainless steel as this will lead to corrosion. 


How do your Hidden Fixings work? 
Our hidden fixing system is unique to www.housenumbers.co.uk and is simple and easy to install. We have two hidden fixing systems, one for brick or masonry, and one for wood. Both these systems are 'all metal' with no glue or plastic involved, and your order will be delivered to you with everything you need to install your new number, including detailed instructions. You will be able to specify your requirements when placing your order. Please contact us if you would like us to send you a PDF of our fixings instructions before you purchase our numbers. If you would like to install the numbers to a different surface then give us a call to talk it through as our workshop team can usually adapt our products for any surface.


What materials do you use to manufacture your products? Are they suitable for all locations?​​​​​​
All our house names and numbers are cut from 304 grade stainless steel and will stay looking flawless for a lifetime, with only an occasional clean. However this grade is not suitable for seaside locations - we now stock marine grade steel in our new 316 Modern range of numbers, or our powder coated house numbers are given an architectural grade powder coated finish for a sleek look, and these coatings are suitable for all locations including the coast. Alternatively, contact us about getting our other fonts or bespoke items cut in marine grade 316 stainless steel, as this will withstand sea-salt spray corrosion.

What’s included in an order?

In your order you will receive: Fixing instructions whether they be for wood or masonry, an accurate drilling template, your number(s) wrapped in recycled paper, and if fixing to masonry then you will also receive brass pins and wall plugs.

Do the numbers appear like they are floating?

The numbers that are going into masonry will have a stand off on them to make the appear as if they are floating. The numbers that are for wood do not have this and they sit flush against the wood.